Alor Traditional Charm Village Festival

1. Rationale.
Festival of Indigenous Village Charm in Alor, East Nusa Tenggara is one of the efforts embodiment village zoning based creative custom homes in Alor, East Nusa Tenggara is the embodiment Tourism Inti Rakyat (PIR). PIR will be realized when the village-based creative custom homes reflect originality / distinctiveness village / town both from the socio-economic, socio-cultural, customs, daily life, architecture and the spatial structure of the village, and the economic activity that is unique and interesting and has the potential for development various components of tourism. Village / town has at least creative appeal as rural / village in terms of attractions, accommodations, food and beverage, and other travel needs. Zoning is a realization of the implementation of the Local Autonomy Act (Act. No. 22/99). Therefore any zoning districts need to program the village / village-based creative indigenous villages in the region, according to the PIR.

2. Theme Activity.
'Kampung Alor based Creative indigenous village of Nusa Tenggara Timur' Planning and development of village-based creative custom homes using community approach (community approach) or community based tourism development (the development of community-based tourism). In this case the local community that will build, own and manage direct tourist facilities and services, so that the community is expected to receive direct economic benefits and reduce the rate of urbanization. Government and private sector involvement was limited to facilitating and motivating the community as the main perpetrators of the development of village-based creative custom homes in order to understand the potential of nature and culture, in order to determine the shape and quality of the tourism products in the village / hamlet. This of course is done by growing the same understanding or perception of stakeholders (stakeholders) relevant and provides the widest space for the community as the main actors of creative development of village-based traditional village in Alor, East Nusa Tenggara, to explore and be creative.

3. Objectives.
Traditional village-based creative Kampung Alor East Nusa Tenggara intends to create efforts in every village the village :

1. Implementation of the development of Human Resources (HR)
This effort can be done through education, training and participation in seminars, discussions, and so forth, as well as in the fields of tourism. Education is needed for workers to be employed in managerial activities. While the training is given to those who will be given the task of receiving and serving tourists. Participation in seminars, discussions, etc. given to the officials of tourism in villages, districts, and counties, as villagers generally only have the skills farming / fishing. They can be given to the training of other skills to increase business activities such as crafts, household industry, the manufacture of local food, guides dive / snorkel and others.
2. Partnerships.
The partnership pattern or can be mutually beneficial cooperation between the manager of the village / village-based creative indigenous villages with tourism entrepreneurs in the city or the village builder / creative village in this case the Department of Tourism and the Department of Industry area. Business fields that can be cooperated, among others such as: field of accommodation, travel, promotion, training, and others.
3. The Government Activities in the Village.
The activities in the framework of the village / town creative for tourist visits undertaken by the government, such as: meetings services, visit work / study visits, exhibition development, MICE (meetings, incentives, conferencing, exhibitions) and ceremonial religious holidays, etc. , Thereby introducing potential tourism in the village / The Creative Village.
4. Promotion.
Village / town based creative indigenous villages must often promoted through various media, print media, television, electronic / digital to activation and monitor every activity in the village / village-based creative custom homes.
5. Festival.
Routinely rural / village-based creative custom homes should be organized festival activities to attract tourists visiting the archipelago, foreigners or people from other villages to visit the village / The creative village, throughout the year by holding a Festival of Indigenous Village Charm Alor East Nusa Tenggara.
6. Increase local community network of village / village with other communities scattered in IndonesiaThe villagers / villages are usually much wander elsewhere. They will return to the village of his birth at the time of religious holidays, which are known as "the homecoming". They also can be organized and established to promote rural / village-based creative custom homes with the aim of strengthening back kinship among their descendants as well as suggestions of information and networking marketing / promotion of rural / village-based creative custom homes in Alor, East Nusa Tenggara. To strengthen our communication and networking between local communities in rural / village-based creative indigenous villages with the local communities that are being migrated, then the spirit of building a homeland to be stirred so that more and more people are returning to the village customary to construct the Village / Indigenous Village and could reduce the rate of urbanization.
7. Cooperation with the University.University Tribuana in Kalabahi, Alor - East Nusa Tenggara already requires the Job Training Courses (KKPL) for students who will complete their studies, therefore it should be woven or done in collaboration between rural / village-based creative custom homes in Alor - East Nusa Tenggara with universities Tribuana, in order to provide feedback and opportunities for activities in the village / village-based creative custom homes to boost rural development / the creative village and right on target with the goal of KKPL organized by the university.

D. Interest.

Zoning village based creative custom homes are object and attractions (ODTW) in a rural / village, so that in realizing such activities Fesitival Charm Indigenous Village Alor - East Nusa Tenggara can make corrections / preparation and development at each destination visits by reference to the principle of as follows :

1. Eco-lodge: Renovation homestay / lodging that meets the requirements of tourist accommodation, or by building a guest house / lodge in the form of bamboo house, custom house / traditional, log house, etc. are equipped with supporting facilities of tourist activities.

2. Eco-recreation: Event agriculture / plantation, performing arts and local tradition, fish in the sea, swimming and snorkeling, the streets in the village (hiking / trekking), cycling in the village and others that aims to offer additional tourism activities can be managed by villagers / creative village.

3. Eco-education: Educating tourists and villagers / village creatively about environmental education and introduced flora and fauna in the village / town and its conservation programs that could be the object of the visit destination.

4. Eco-research: Inviting researchers / scientists work closely with locals to identify the flora and fauna that exist in the village, and develop conservation programs that correspond to the location of the village / The creative village, the development of innovative products produced in the village / creative village, and examine the socio-economic situation and culture of the people in the village, and a variety of other research topics which the results can also be used to make local government Development Strategic plan and budget planning.

5. Eco-energy: Build energy sources solar power or other renewable energy and water treatment systems and wastewater for the Eco-lodge, then the system could be replicated by the Government of the Village / Creative Village to be applied to the local community.

6. Eco-development: Plant a tree species whose fruits for food resources for birds or wild animals, ornamental plants, medicinal plants, and plants of economic value but do not spoil / threaten the local flora and faunaetc., in order to increase the population. Also introduces methods appropriate and simple to carry out conservation activities in the village / Creative Village-based Village People.

7. Eco-promotion: Promotion through the print media, television, electronic / digital, inviting juranlis to cover activities promoting rural / village-based creative custom homes that are environmentally friendly (eco-friendly and eco activity). Promotional activities in addition serves to introduce the achievements, appropriate technology and methods of community development that has been successfully applied in the Village / Creative Village, it is also useful to improve the awareness / knowledge of the general public about the programs that run and managed in the Village / Creative Village.

E. Time and Place
Time implementation of the activities:
Every year in August or September (tentative)
Venue of activities :
Regency Alor, East Nusa Tenggara. Where the event will be published later

F. Participants.
1. International tourists
2. Travellers archipelago
3. Academics
4. Communities photography
5 Community diver
6. Community nature lovers
7. The national TV stations
8. The mass media, national and international print

G. The schedule and order of events will be published later.

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